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Our Farm

ATantai Farm is an Organic Permaculture farm started in December 2015. But it had it’s beginning earlier, when in 2007 Arnatt and his wife bought the farm for their future retirement. Right from the get go, the farm was treated with minimal or no chemicals to ensure healthier produce. In 2015, when Arnatt received his Permaculture Design Certificate, Permaculture methodologies became an integral part of the everyday functioning of the farm.

The farm spans 1.7 hectares of hillside land, with 6 greenhouses covering a joint area of 176 square meters giving protective shade to the more sensitive plants. We have many grow beds where papayas, limes and bananas grow, watered by an ever expanding and increasingly automated sprinkler system. We use compost, mulch and natural, fungal pest control which allows us to produce plenty of tasty fruits and vegetables without using harmful chemicals.

Our Founder

From his childhood Arnatt was close to nature, having grown up among small farming communities in the suburbs of Bangkok. Ever since, he has retained an interest in various aspects and forms of agriculture. This interest turned to passion which he developed both in Thailand and during his stay in the USA, where he studied electrical engineering and computer science in the University of Illinois in Chicago. Recently, he earned an MBA from Sasin Graduate School of Management and became a farmer, both as a living and as a hobby. He’s experimenting with organic farming, hydroponics, and Permaculture. In his free time, he enjoys camping, hiking, scuba diving and photography.

Arnatt Klinsong

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