About Us

My family and I are people who believed that we can live peacefully and in harmony with nature using three ethics of Permaculture which are Care Of The Earth, Care Of People, and Return The Surplus Back To Nature And People.

Follow me on my exploration of Permaculture concept, usage and practice on my farm, Tantai Farm.


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Our story

Our Life

Living on a farm and a slower life … Seems like everyone goal these days, but farming is hard work!

Having grown up on a Durian garden on the outskirt of Bangkok, but spent most of my childhood and adult life in the US and other big cities, but now I am coming back to nature and living a simpler life out in Pak Chong on my Permaculture farm. I also want other people to experience what it is like coming back to nature, waking up to bird’s song, picking fresh Mulberry in the calm of morning Sun and just enjoying a walk in the lush green of our food forest.

We believe in Natural and Organic Farming, Healthy Lifestyle, and High Quality Products. So we can make money keep this farm running too!

So if you would like to visit, check out our Farm Stay or just do a day visit on our Organic Farm.

If you like to Volunteers and learn about farming, please send me a message.

Our Farm

Tantai Farm is a Permaculture Farm located in the North Eastern part of Thailand (Esarn) called Pak Chong or commonly known as Khao Yai area. The farm is 11 Rai or about 1.7 Ha. We brought this farm back in 2007 as our retirement planning. I have a strict rule of no chemical fertilizer or pesticide. Our farm focus on bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticide such as making compost from various farm by-products, making fermented juice from vegetables or herbs, and lot of mulching.

We plant various type of plants from canopy level to the ground level. Mixture of plants in some area look like a mess and have a forest like look. Some areas are for market gardening, as we do send some produces to the local market.

We are developing a farm stay with a learning center to teach those who want to learn about our Permaculture methods. Our learning center will also offered local kids agriculture practice while learning English with our Thai and foreign volunteers.