It is that time again, where Permaculturist in Thailand and international gather and share knowledge on how to improve our Earthly communities. From year to year, the theme will be based on what is viewed as most important for that year. For example, in 2017 the major concern in Thailand is water. During the last year or two, Thailand had been experiencing extreme weather, too much water and it flood, dry and drought in many area. In general the year 2017 is expected to be very dry and this will impact many of our small farmers. If you are interested in Permaculture or want to be in a community of like minded people who has the genuine concern for the Earth and those who live on it, please come.

Just a quick taste of what the event will be like, the good people at the TPC had produced a nice introduction video for us.


My first convergence was in 2015 or TPC#3, Thailand Permaculture Convergence 2015. I was hooked ever since! During that first convergence I met people who I am still in good contact now. One noticeably mentioned is Howard Story who got me into PDC or Permaculture Design Certificate and certified me for PDC vie his Permaculture Institute Thailand ( or brows to his facebook using the like name. He give excellent PDC class.

Participants varies from Thai farmers, special interest in agriculture, Earth and nature lovers, to high tech former engineer like me. It takes all kinds to be a Permaculturist don;t we. There are 50-75% Thais, and rest are foreigners living locally and aboard. I never had a boring convergece, but then this will be my second one.

Here is the venue information for TPC#5

If you are going, please look for me!

I will update this post as I attend the event. To follow and get info on the event, please come back to this post in the future.


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