Common to many Organic farms in Thailand, Tantai Farm also used bio-fertilizer in addition to making compost. There are two main type of bio-fertilizer. One is pure EM or Effective Microorganism and the other is EM fermented with some type of fruits or herbs to meet some specific task. For this article, we will focus on making more EM for common used from commercial EM.u00a0

What is EM?

EM is Effective Microorganism consisting of collections of beneficial naturally occur microorganisms. Most EM would contained at least 5 types of microbes.

  1. Yeasts
  2. Photosynthetic bacteria
  3. Actinomycetes
  4. Fungi
  5. Lactic acid bacteria
EM always comes in liquid form. It is living organism, so keep the container in room temperature area, away from direct Sun light. High temperature will kill them.u00a0

Beneficial Used Of EM

Used in agriculture as bio-fertilizer

  1. Spray on fruit plants to prevent fungus on leaves
  2. Help plant growth
  3. Pour on soil to improve the soil structure, living soil
  4. Ferment with fruits to make plant fertilizer
  5. Ferment with herbs to make herbicide

Used in household

  1. Mix in sewage water to get rid of the smell
  2. Put in swimming pool to break down all the organic waste
  3. Add in aquarium to treat the water
  4. Put in kitchen waste to make compost
EM is eco-friendly. There is no need to ware a protective gear when spray. It is safe for human as well as animals.

How To Make More EM For Farm Use From Commercial Store EM

Farm usage required huge amount of EM on many grow beds. Here is how to make more! get the follow ingredients.

  1. EM, 1 Litter
  2. Molasses, 1 Litter (or 1 KG of brown sugar)
  3. Water, 20 Litters
Simply mixed all the ingredients together in a container. If you need more than 20L, just scale up all the ingredients.u00a0 I put my new EM in a 120L drum and use about 100L of water.u00a0

I will eventually maintained 4 drums of EM, 2 drums of bio-fertilizer, and 2 drums of herbicides.u00a0

Note: Ideally, the liquid in the drum should be aerated, since EM isu00a0Aerobic

How To Use EM

  1. For my farm, I used EM mixed with water at ratio of 1:1000 and spray it on the plants and on the soil to improve the health of the plants
  2. Mixed 1:5000 , for mixing with animal food as pro-biotics to improve their digestive system
  3. u00a0Mixed 1:500, to spray on animal housing or cage after cleaning
  4. u00a0Mixed 1:10, and pour into fisheries
  5. Mixed 1:10, for sewage treatment
  6. Mixed 1:500, pour them on trash pile or wash trash can to reduce the smell
Microbes take time to do its job, so if you use it weekly, you will see result much better.

In future articles, I will write more on making and using herbicide from bio-fertilizer.

For now, if you have comment, please share with me below.

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