I wanted to put some fun and relaxing on the farm. Things that are not so square and straight, like a dome made with plants that can grow and give me some fruits. Mulberry Dome!

The living dome was a idea that I saw on the Internet several times. So I decided to make something similar. Mulberry grows fast and we cut them at least once or twice every years.

Setting Up The Dome Shape

I collected a few sticks of Mulberry and grow them on the ground in a circle. Time is the hardest thing in building this type of fun. We had to wait a few weeks or months for the Mulberry to grow to about 3-4 meters. The time will depends on the moisture of your area. Keep it watered and mulched!

After the branches are about 3-4 meters, we can lace the branched into a dome. Best not to use rope at all, but interlaced the branches into a mesh of square opening on top and under each other branches. We only used rope and wire if the branch would not stay where we wanted.

While lacing the branches, we also trimmed the small branches and removed most of the leaves to stimulate new budding. This new budding will give you more fruits as it comes out.

After a few weeks, the new budding should be come branches with fruits. It will fruits all year if you allowed them to bud more new branches. For this two images above, it has been many months. We also trimmed them 2 times prior.

The latest trimming was a few days ago on May 14 and 15, 2018. Our fried Goustan Bodin from Hyper-Tree Project, gave us a hand in trimming the Mulberry Dome into a brand new looks.

We also brought our kids to play on the farm, good fun with very little cost!

Some Benefits Of Mulberry Dome!

Beside good looks and fun, by bending the Mulberry branches to parallel to the ground, it stimulate the new budding to grow all along the length of the branches, not just at the very top. This resulting in giving us more Mulberry Fruits. This is a common practice in most Mulberry farm.

Lastly, if you guy like the article, give me some comments or advice down below.

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