Location And Directions To Our Farm

Tantai Farm
11 M 16 Wang Sai,
Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima
Thailand 30130

GPS: 14.677343, 101.540148

Tantai Farm


Diving is quite simple, just use Google map above.

or click here to bring up google map –

Drive safely, and put on your seat belt!

Train is the best mode of transportation to get to Pak Chong and cheapest, but will take a bit longer time.

Here is a website for all Thailand Train schedule in English. – click here!

Here is a train schedule as of 2017-07-03

If you starting from Bangkok go to the main train station “Hua Lamphong” or Bangkok Railway Station, go by subway is best. Above ground is busy with cars traffic all around. Buy ticket to Pak Chong and hop on the train and enjoy the ride. Once you are at the Pak Chong train station, please click “Pak Chong” tab on this page.

Best Choice here! The Motorcycle taxi guy drop many volunteers off at the farm, so he is familiar with the direction.

Most buses to Northeastern part of Thailand will go through Pak Chong. Here is a schedule website – click here!

There are many bus companies operating in Thailand.

So many van operators in Thailand. You just have to walk around and ask where the vans stop is.

I personally don’t recommend the van, since I think they are accident prone.

Tell them you want to go to Pak Chong.

Heading from Pak Chong to the farm is about 20 KM. You can always click on the Tantai Farm map to show the driver.

Easy choice is to take Motorcycle taxi. It should cost about 200-250 THB per person. A pick-up truck taxi will run you 300 THB per person. If you can get 3-4 persons, it might run you 200 THB per.

Harder choice is to take the local mini-bus. It will take you toward “Pak Chong 2 School” or “Long Liean Pak Chong Song” then you can hike it the rest of the way. Hitching a ride from the school into the small road is OK. Many people will pick up walkers both Thai and foreigners.

Sorry to see you go, but eventually everyone will leave for a new chapter of their life.

Leaving the farm is simple. If I am free, I will take you to either the main road so you can catch the mini-bus to Pak Chong train or bus station, or I will just take you to the station.

If not ….

Walk to the front of the farm, and hitchhike to the left side that is heading to Pak Chong. It is 4 KM to the main road. Most people will pick you up, since there is no public transportation in front of the farm. Always tell the driver that you want to go to Pak Chong bus/van or train station. Very likely they are going to a near by place.

“pai sa-tar-nee rod-phai pak chong” or I want to go to Pak Chong train station (ไปสถานีรถไฟปากช่อง)

“pai sa-tar-nee rod-tue pak chong” or I want to go to Pak Chong van station (ไปสถานีรถตู้ปากช่อง)

See map of where the stations are located.