Applying various methods on various type of applications or improvised is the best trade of people who practice Permaculture. You really need to make the best of what you have at minimal effort. Cut & Drop technique commonly used for creating natural compost for trees and plants in their natural environment. It can also be use inside our Chicken coop to create fresh and readily available leaves and insects on the breaches as quick food for our Chicken.

Technique doesn’t really need explanation. You just cut and drop where you stand!

Below is a quick video when we were doing Cut & Drop of our Gac Fruits plants inside the Chickens Coop.

In less than a day, all the insects were gone. In about a week, the Chickens either picked off all the eatable leaves down to the sticks, or left to decomposed for the Gac Fruits plants.

I like to hear if someone else has other technique for Cut & Drop application! Leave me a comment. Thanks

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