When I first saw a documentary on how Chickens were treated in small cages or packed tightly on the ground floor of factory farms, I realized we are not kind to our farm animal friends who give us eggs, milk, or their meat. Kinder would be not eating their meat, but that’s an other story.

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This bring me to “How do I make my Chicken happier?” Besides giving my Chicken lots of room to roam around and natural food to eat in the coop, I also build a compost bin inside the Chicken coop!

Being a Permaculture farm, making compost comes natural on our farm. We make compost all the time. Our volunteers did had fun making them. Though we haven’t make much lately, but that an other story! When I started to make compost bin for my Chicken in late 2016, I thought I would be able to use the compost created inside the coop. How wrong that was! The Chickens just love it! From the moment that we start making it to the last bits of scrap they pecked on about 2 months later.

Why make compost bin inside the Chicken Coop?

For several reasons, one of which is to allowed the Chickens to be Chicken by pecking and scratching on the ground and find stuff for them to eat. I will list the reason below.

  1. Being a Chicken, pecking and scratching, make them happy.
  2. Great exercise!
  3. Additional food, insects and worms that grow on or come around the bin, are a great source of food for the Chicken
  4. More natural food, less feed you have to buy. Save you money!
  5. Fun for our volunteers to work inside the Chicken coop and notice how they behave

Have a look at the video of the compost bin inside the Chicken Coop!

That is not all the stuff that we gave our Chickens, we also give them more stuffs!

Late morning snack from our Kitchen. They get all the scrap from both our kitchen and breakfast.

Cut and Drop from the plants that we grow in the coop. This include…

  1. Gac Fruits Plants
  2. Passion Fruits Plants
  3. Thai Cherry Trees

Water Buckets for them to play in and drink

Sand pit! Now why? Natural Chicken behavior is for them to put hot sand all over their feathers to drive out the lice!

A happy customer!

He comes to our farm once or twice a month and get 20-30 Eggs per time.

Thank You for your supports!

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