Living Fence is a good way to get multiple use of an investment that a farm can spend his money on. A living fence will contained your animals keeping them in or out. You can grow edible fence and harvest them when it is mature. It required some maintenance, but the investment in time will make your fence worthwhile.

I am testing out a living fence at our farm.  We need to build fence for our Chickens and Chicks near the front of the farm. So here is an opportunity to build a fence with multiple use!

Usage and Benefits of a Living Fence

  1. Fence
  2. Food for the Chickens – We used Climbing Wattle plants which is known to be medicinal for Chicken and they loved it!
  3. Food for people – Side facing the Chickens, Chickens will eat. The other side, people eat.
  4.  Protection against the wind – once roots take hold the fence would be hard to up root or break.
  5. Give natural shading from the Sun

Like all fences, they needed taking care of. Insects or large animal could eat and destroy the structure. So attention is needed at all time.

Here our volunteers are building the first layer of fence which is made from Bamboo and mesh net. This won’t last and will rot and be gone in a year or two. The living fence should ideally already grown and replaced the Bamboo and mesh fence by then.

Our living fence will be made from Climbing Wattle  or ชะอม which is a plant that grow fast and the leave will be constantly harvest for our food and for sale.

The plants are placed about 15 CM apart and will be allowed to grow. While we trim, we will make sure that we laced the branches into square mesh. In the future when the original  fence is removed, we may need to lace the lower part of the living fence with Bamboo rod across the bottom, so Chickens will not get through the large hole, or dogs can not get in!

So come back to this post sometime in a few months. I will keep updating, so you can follow the progress!

Any comments, please leave them for me below.

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