Typical Chicken will eat about 100g of food per Chicken per day. You can work out the math on how expensive your feeds will be. There are many way to reduce this cost. For example;

  1. Free Range the Chickens, let them eat out side in the wild. Pecking and searching for their own food also will make them healthier.
  2. Build compost bin inside your Chicken Coop will create environment to attract insects. Your Chickens can feast on these insects with minimal work to you.
  3. Maggots Bucket or Black Solider Fly Larvae, thought I have yet to get mine to work.
  4. Vegetable or food left over from your house, or vegetable garden.

The list goes on actually… be creative and reduce the cost of your Chicken feeds.

Feel free the add you methods to the comment section, thanks

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