It was a long road for me to finally arrived at this point where our natural swimming pool is almost done. We’ll called it short as “NSP”. I always wanted to live near water. Back when I was growing up, we lived on the bank of Bangkok Noi Canal. Each morning, I would take my shower in the canal, had my breakfast, then go to school taking taxi boat right in front of our house. Event after we moved to a new place, our new land were also on the bank of Mahasawat Canal. This was more than 30 years ago. Those days are gone for me now. Now, I have a pool that I want to swimming in, save water for use on my farm during drought, and a whole range of other purposes.


Nice looking view with a coffee shop to the left!

Direct front view; Those are rain water!

I wanted a pool with many purposes and it should grow with me in the future as my needs change. Am I asking to much just from one pool, I really hope not. We should planned to spend one effort to yield multiple usage. Here are what I think I will be able to do with my pool now or in the near future.

  • Obviously, swimming for enjoyment!  


Backhoe used to clear the trees and bushes in the original pool.

Original pool were dug 7 years ago, but due to the amount of rock and sand, it will not hold water.

Clearing out as much as possible. The deepest side ended up to be 2.5 meters. Looking back, it is way too deep.

More rain water … White lines were planned for water level. The front of the pictures is much higher, so we end up adding small dam at the far end.
  • Usage on the farm: On a monthly basis, I am planning to pump the bottom of the water from the bottom out to irrigate the tree and plants around the farm. How to do that in detail, I have yet to figure out yet. 
  • Use for Aquaculture: There is a fish pond being build farther down the farm. Water from here will be rotate out to the fish pond. And the water in the fish pond will be use daily on the vegetable garden.


Wire mesh and pouring concrete were big jobs. Extra men were hired to make sure the concrete did not set before it is properly spreaded.

We couldn’t possibly hand mixed the concrete, so pre-mixed truck were hired with pump with long host for point delivery.

Pour and spread with lot of guys!

Manually finished the surface.
  • Aquaponic: I am planning to grow Pandan in 1×40 meters water channels. The channel will be made to look like canal twisting around near the house and the yard. Water is pumped and cycle through these channels. Bu going through these plants, the roots will absorbed and treated the organic maters from the swimming pool. Hope it work…put this project on the to-do list!  


Two showers stall, grass put in …

The pots are for growing plants to treat the water, There are total of three around the pool.

The whole view, there are 3 pots for plants, one water treatment on the far left outside of the pool.

Stairs for getting out of the pool. They will be painted white for easy identification in the water.
  • Ducks or Geese: May be a couple of Ducks or Geese, but not sure about the pathogen that may come with them. This might not be a good idea, so they will live in the fish pond in front of the farm.


End result is blue surface, and white for stair step in and out, three pots for plants.

More rain water!
  • Guppy, millionfish, or rainbowfish whatever their name are. They are small beautiful looking fish that swimming near the surface. They look good and fun to watch. They also eat the mosquito larvaes on the water. Must prevent mosquito infestation! 

I hope you enjoy the reading and make plan to build your own Natural Swimming Pool!

In my next few articles, I will write more about my plan and what I am doing with my Natural Swimming Pool.

Any feedback welcome!

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