We are rebuilding our Cherry Tomato greenhouse. In the past we grew our Cherry Tomato in big 14 inches black plastic pots. One problem that we had was adding organic compost into the pot to give the plants enough nutrients. So we are switching to planting them into the ground with long grow beds as seen in the pictures below.

Just two block of bricks wide and about 20 meters long would be our future grow beds for the Tomato. After the block were laid, we dug 15 CM down to make sure the roots could grow downward. We also layered with wood chipped, compost, Chicken manure, and top with hay as cover. Lastly, pour over with our mixture of EM.

After about 2 weeks, the grow beds should be ready for the Tomato plants.

So I will keep you updated on what I do with the farm. Stay tuned!

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