If you are into planting and gardening, you will come across “Mulching”. Mulching is one of Permaculture technique for ground cover of your plants or trees. In my case, I am practicing “Sheet Mulching” on my front yard under the Christmas Trees. It was getting difficult to pull out the unwanted weeds under the trees, becoming very tiresome and time consuming to do so. Sheet Mulching the area under the Trees to prevent any weeds and keep in the moisture, specially now during the dry summer period in Thailand.

How to Sheet Mulching?

  1. Define the area that you want to Mulch. This is an area where you do not want any weeds, grass, or anything to grow. I usually make my outline with bricks as seem in the pictures.
  2. Remove some of the taller weeds or plants that not wanted. Most people won’t even bother doing this. They just flattened it.
  3. Cover the area with cardboard. Make sure the whole area is covered, so no grass can poke through later. The cardboard will prevent the plants below from growing. The existing plants will eventually die and compost into fertilizer for our trees.
  4. On the top layer, you can put wood chip or compost. I just took my compost pile and put it all in.
  5. Pretty much done.

I find it much better to do this in the evening. Once done, you can water the top layer so that some of the microorganisms from the compost pile washed down to the soil layer and have time to propagate at night while it is cool and very moist.

Benefits of Mulching

  1. Weeds control
  2. Maintain moisture
  3. Create ideal environment for the microorganism to grow and maintain biodiversity
  4. Keep soil from erosion during heavy rain
  5. Keep the soil temperature throughout the day
  6. Yes, if you have Chickens, Mulching is place where your Chickens will find additional nutrients

When Mulching, try to use anything that is available in your area of the house or farm. No need to go out and buy wood chips. My cardboard was piling up in the trash area, so I made a use out of it. The compost were made from farm material such as tree branches, hays, etc …

Thanks to our two volunteers who made this possible and make my labor a bit more fun.

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