Tantai Farm grows varieties of trees and plants. We selected local perennials or annuals that had been adapted to the local environment. Our methods followed the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture where we 1. Care For Earth, 2. Care For People, and 3. Share Our abundance with others.

We also save our growing varieties of Heirloom seeds. If you like to share or trade seeds, please let me know. (Goto Seeds Saving)

Our farm do not use any chemicals fertiliser or any chemicals pesticides. Our compost are made from organic material excess from our farm such as green mulch, trimmed tree branches, cut-grass, left-over food, Chicken manure. Material that we brought from outside are Straws, Cow manure, and Rice husk. We only used herbs for insects control.

Below are some of what we grow.

Free Range Chickens
Free Range Eggs available for picking!
Pick your own Mulberry
Gac Fruits

Feel free to brows through our site. If you have any question, please send me a message on FB.

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