Being a small farmer means we can not spend a lot of money on software, nor can we ignore the fact of modern technology. Software that help us managed our farm better, does not mean that we need to spend our hard earned money on them. Some software are free in term of $, but may need to spend some time learning on how to use it. Open Source Software may be an answer to commercially expensive software on the market. Most Open Source Software work on free basic and pay for Pro version. I think this is fair. You can start off with a basic and pay for them when you need a more advance features.

Here are some of my favorite Open Source Software that I used to managed my Internet marketing.


LibreOffice has to be my all time favorite. LibreOffice spinned of from the old OpenOffice. It is an office suite that includes a complete set of software to manage your office such as document editor, spreadsheet, database, drawing, presentation, etc …


GIMP is a cross-platform image editor! It works nicely as an Adobe Photoshop replacement. The user interface will take a bit of getting used to if you come from the expensive commercial camp. Once learnt, it is great!


Audacity is an audio software editing. You can do multiple tracks using this software. Very good addition to your video editing for youtube.


LightWorks is my all time favorite video editor. I do not have too much experience with many other, but after a few trial with a few other, I settled for this one. Though, it is not completely Open Source, the limitation is not applicable to small time user like me. A fully Open Source video edit is ShotCut, if you want to take a shot at it.

Open Source Software is a great way to go, if you are a small farm or other business that is just starting. I spent many years in the high tech field and believe that Open Source Software will keep on advancing in term of supporting and sharing in the community. In many ways, Open Source goes in line with sharing in our Permaculture community.

Organization for Software Freedom

Where can I get other Open Source Software?

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–Arnatt Klinsong–

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