When was the last time that you had the opportunity to work with kindergarten children’s and you refused! OMG… God help you! I have never.

So this morning my wife and I went to Palina Kindergarten and give a little lecture on our Rama 9th King’s Sufficiency Economy Theory and practice using my Free Range Chicken as an example.

The boys and girls were the cutest you’ve ever seen. The school gave me one hour sessions. So we divided the class into 2-30 minutes sessions of about 20 kids each. I showed them some slides of the theory, talking point drawing, and a few pictures of the Free Range Chickens at Tantai Farm. Over all, it was quite fun to learn how each kid react to me differently. Some want to ask questions all the time, some just won’t say anything, and some wanted to be noticed but once called won’t talk. I valued this opportunity much more than talking to a whole front-and-center type of adults. hmm….

All of the materials today are posted below, plus some extra links from various sites on the Sufficiency Economy Theory.

What is sufficiency economy theory?

I asked this question as well when I returned to Thailand from the States.

The definition out of the book is, “Sufficiency Economy philosophy emphasizing moderation, responsible consumption, and resilience to external shocks is of great relevance to communities everywhere during these times of rapid globalization.”

Each one of us may applied the theory to our lives differently. Even practice some will improve our everyday life.

King Phumiphon Adunyadet

Some videos from the sessions this morning.
Teaching Sufficiency Economy Theory To Kindergarten from Arnatt Klinsong

The Chicken’s cycle of usefulness.

A few pictures during the sessions.

Interesting Links on King Rama 9 and His Sufficiency Economy Theory.

Links Attributing King Rama 9

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Links on The King’s Sufficiency Economy Theory

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