Yesterday (April 19, 2018) I had the opportunity to drive through Khao Yai National Park again. Many times I did this and never get bored or disappointed. If I don’t run by and see some wild animal on the side road, I would just enjoy the drive through the green lush forest. On this occasion, as I drove up from Prachinburi Sounth gate I ran into a wild Elephant bull strolling along the road coming toward me. Twice the size of my Toyota Fortuner, it was intimidating. I slowed down, but a ranger service vehicle coming from the opposite direction casually wave me to keep going. So I did. It was an amazing uneventful event! I actually drove by them many times, but it never failed to amazed me.

Let put Elephant aside, since I did not had time to grab my camera and snap a picture. As I arrived at the Tourist center with my son for lunch, we saw a crowd gather under a tree. Got to be something there with all the tourists pointing their cameras up in the air. Hornbill! Though it was the common one in the national park called “Great Pie Hornbill” or “นกกก”    (English or Thai) I can never tell the different type of Hornbill yet! Soon!

Some pictures of Hornbill bird below.

If you have some interesting Hornbill story, let me know too!

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